Introducing the Aurora: A Premium Brand Kit



The Aurora brand kit captivates with a unique allure, weaving together a welcoming warmth with an esoteric beauty. Its design features deep, rich colors that evoke a luxurious sophistication and a subtly mysterious elegance.


Easily import your logo and brand kit assets in Canva to customize your graphics and edit your templates.

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No Refunds or Exchanges 

I'm thrilled to introduce my latest creation, the Aurora Brand Kit. This premium brand kit is designed for those who admire my work but find my usual pricing a bit steep. It's perfect for fast implementers who can't wait weeks for a custom design and need something quick, effective, and ready to use.

Why the Aurora Brand Kit?

The Aurora Brand Kit was born out of a desire to offer something both affordable and accessible. It's ideal for launching a brand, creating a mastermind, or releasing a course. The inspiration behind Aurora comes from a luxurious, mysterious, and somewhat esoteric vibe, influenced by the energy of my wife, who is the priestess of our family.

What's Included in the Aurora Brand Kit?

When I create a brand kit, I focus on practicality and ease of use. Here's what you get with Aurora:

1. Customization: I can tailor the logo to include your business name, title, and tagline. You'll also get a mood board for inspiration, especially useful for photo shoots.

2. Consultation and Tweaks: We'll start with a call to align the kit with your business needs. I offer color variations and will make necessary tweaks to ensure the design fits your vision.

3. Quick Turnaround: Adjustments typically take about 3 days, after which I'll package all your files, including PNGs and Illustrator files, for easy upload to Canva.

4.Canva Compatibility: The kit is designed to be user-friendly with Canva, allowing you to create social media posts, banners, and more with ease.

5. Design Elements: The kit includes a business card design, a custom pattern with your logo, banners, and an icon aligned with your business. The photos used are copyright-free, and the overall design has a rustic yet modern feel.

6. Editable Files: You'll receive editable files for client testimonials, color changes, and more. The kit also includes fun icons for story highlights or presentations.

7. Typography and Color Palettes: The kit uses Google Fonts, so no additional purchases are necessary. The primary palette includes Black Tourmaline, Sepia, Citrine, Bone, and Ivory, with variations like Amethyst, Emerald, and Garnet.

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