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Kimberly Olson, the founder and owner of “The Goal Digger Girl,” recognized the need to evolve her brand to resonate with a more sophisticated and affluent audience. With a vision to attract women entrepreneurs aiming to build their empires online through social media, she approached me for a comprehensive rebranding project. The goal was to create a brand that exuded elegance, boldness, and authenticity – one that would not only capture the attention but also the trust of her target audience.

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The rebranding strategy focused on crafting a visual identity that combined elegance with a genuine, handcrafted feel. The chosen color palette, typography, and design elements were meticulously curated to convey a sense of sophistication and professionalism while remaining approachable and relatable. The logo, with its bold and confident design, served as the cornerstone of the brand, embodying Kimberly’s vision of empowering women entrepreneurs.

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The website for “The Goal Digger Girl” played a pivotal role in constructing a compelling brand narrative that encouraged potential clients to take action and invest in Kimberly Olson’s online products. It was not merely a digital platform but an immersive storytelling medium designed to engage, inspire, and ultimately drive conversions.


Every aspect of the website, from the homepage to the product pages, was meticulously crafted to align with the brand’s elegant and bold identity. The user interface was intuitive, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience for visitors. The color scheme, typography, and imagery were carefully chosen to reinforce the brand’s narrative, making it clear that this was a space where ambitious women entrepreneurs could find the tools they needed to succeed.

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The logo system developed for “The Goal Digger Girl” was strategically designed to encourage the brand’s evolution and flexibility, ensuring that it would not be confined to a single style or format. This dynamic approach allowed the brand to adapt and grow as needed, staying relevant and appealing to a broad range of audiences.

Given that “The Goal Digger Girl’s” primary audience was predominantly using their smartphones for online interactions, it became imperative to prioritize mobile responsiveness for her website. This strategic decision was not just about ensuring a seamless user experience but also about meeting her audience where they were most active and engaged.

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