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Taco Saint Street Food is an audacious restaurant concept currently seeking funding to establish its first location in Utah. Our branding project for this client focused on crafting a visual identity that mirrors their satirical and unapologetic spirit. The brand design encapsulates a blend of boldness and humor, aiming to attract investors and resonate with a crowd that appreciates a unique dining experience.

The branding elements, from the logo to the color palette, are carefully chosen to reflect the restaurant’s unconventional approach to street tacos, ensuring that Taco Saint stands out in the competitive culinary landscape. This project is a testament to our ability to create a brand narrative that not only aligns with the client’s vision but also appeals to a broader audience, aiding in their fundraising efforts.

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On social media, establishing a brand’s tone and capturing audience attention is paramount. Our approach to social media for Taco Saint Street Taco centers on creating scroll-stopping content that resonates with the brand’s unique personality. Through a mix of striking photography, imaginative illustrations, and bold headlines, we craft posts that not only stand out in a crowded social feed but also reinforce the brand’s satirical and unapologetic voice.

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The design elements we chose for Taco Saint Street Taco play a crucial role in conveying the brand’s story and personality. Bold colors, distinctive typography, and other unique design features come together to create a visual narrative that’s as flavorful and daring as the restaurant itself.

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